My Reverse Bucket List.

I was talking to someone the other day about bucket lists and they mentioned something I had never once heard of. A reverse bucket list! They explained to me that it was a list of things that they had done in their past which they thought was cool, different or extraordinary. You know, the kind of things that would go on a bucket list. Its such a cool idea! And it got me thinking, well I’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the past, so I thought I would share with you my own Reverse bucket list, enjoy!

Ride a Camel.

I was super lucky when I was a little kid, as in I was maybe 7 years old, to visit Tunisia. And during this trip, I got to tick a few things off my list, one of which was to ride a camel. Ive actually done this a couple of times since and they aren’t my favourite animal for transport, but I do understand how brilliant they are in the desert. I just found them to be super bumpy and a little uncomfortable at the start, though once we were going they were fine. I think my issue is that I’m just not a fan of camels in general, or maybe they just aren’t a fan of me…

Visit the Sahara Desert.

As I said, when I went to Tunisia I ticked off quite a few things off my list and I was lucky enough to have ridden my camel (as mentioned above) through the Sahara desert. Now I also mentioned that I was a little kid and needless to say I wasn’t the happiest kid when I was so hot but the water I was drinking was warm and my dad wanted 100000000 photos. So I was really “stropping” during this photo, well according to my dad. I really hope to go back one day, now that I can really appreciate it.

Visit Rome.

I went to Rome when I was 15 with Jenny of all people, and we had an amazing time. One of my favourite things we saw we was the Trivi fountin and it was stunning! We also got to see the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and of course the Coliseum. Oh what am I saying! The coliseum was by far my favourite.

Swim with a Dolphin.

When I was 11 years old, my dad took me to Florida for a holiday during the summer holidays. While we were on this trip we went to Discovery Cove where I got the chance to swim in fish infested waters, feed birds in the aviary, oh yeah and I got to swim with a lovely dolphin called Dash (Who was the mother of Dot – weird fact time!). It was easily one of the highlights of my trip and the photo I took with Dash is one of my favourites from my entire childhood.

Drive a Dog sled.

The Christmas I went with my family to Lapland, which you can read all about here. Now one of my favourite things we did was to ride in a Dog Sled. Well, I say we, but I mean them. As in my family. I was the one that had to drive a half blind stranger and his grandson. Well you can read about my experience here but it was amazing! If I could do it again, I would leap at the chance  and I would 100% recommend to anyone who gets the chance.

Ride an Elephant.

In the summer of 2015, my family and I went to Bali, where we spent an entire day at an Elephant Sanctuary near Ubud. On this trip we met so many animals, including monkeys which I really didn’t like (not that I would ever say I hated them – they were just too cheeky for me), however when we went to this sanctuary I fell in love with Elephants. We were very lucky to be offered a ride on one of their girls and they showed us around the sanctuary from the back of an elephant. Honestly these creatures were some of the absolute sweetest creatures I’ve ever met. Now they’re among my top 5 favourite animals!

Sled down the longest Toboggan run in Europe.

Again, I did this on our trip to Lapland this winter. We went to the Lapland in Saariselkä, where they have the longest Toboggan run in Europe. Now if you think I was going to pass up an opportunity like that, well you will be mistaken! It was amazing! It was over 1.2 kilometres long and it had this insane 130 meter drop at one point, which naturally my dad and I had to do – we weren’t going to take the easy route.

Visit Pompeii.

Im a classicist. Well I want to be an archaeologist, but well thats beside the point. Either way, I love old things! So when we were between Naples and Santorini in Italy for my birthday, all I wanted to do for the day was to go to Pompeii. So on my 18th birthday I dragged my family, including my then 5 year old younger brother, all the way around Pompeii for the day. It was incredible, really interesting and Im so glad I can tick it off my list.

Interrail/Backpack around Europe.

Another one you were here for! Last summer, just before we started the blog, I ran off on a backpacking trip or inter railing (depends who you with what you call it, but they are basically the same thing) around Europe. I got the visit Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Milan and Paris, all in one big trip with some of my best friends in the whole world. It was amazing and you can read about it here.

Gallop along a Beach.

Ah another birthday one. On my 16th birthday my parents surprised me, oh I should mention that we happened to also be in Borneo, Malaysia at the time. But they surprised me with a ride down the beach on a stallion. I got to fulfil my wish of riding and galloping down the beach on a stallion and I had an amazing day.

Visit an Orangutang sanctuary in Borneo.

As I mentioned, on my 16th birthday I was in Borneo and on one of the days we stayed there, we went up the hills to an Orangutang sanctuary. This was definitely more for my stepmom rather than myself, but I enjoyed it much the same. It was an orphanage and they were ever so sweet.

Go up the Burj Kalifa (tallest Building in the world).

About 10 years ago or so, why aunt moved her entire family to Dubai. Now this makes for 2 things, one a hella of a commute for her to go visit family, but an amazing holiday for the rest of us when we visit. So naturally I’ve been out to Dubai quite a few times now, and how can do a trip there without a trip up the tallest building in the world? Well it seemed silly to miss the chance, so I’ve actually been up it twice now. Once when it was newly opened and once last year (2017).

Ride an Arabian Horse in the Arabian Desert, Dubai.

As I said, my aunt lives in Dubai which offers me so many opportunities to try things I would never have got the chance to try other wise. One of these things has been to ride an Arabian horse in the desert at sunset. Its really stunning and the ride is so amazing! Unfortunately, they can no longer do it, because there is so much building work going on it scares the horses, but maybe it will run again.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know in the comments below one thing you can put on your reverse bucket list! I d love to hear from you xx








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