The 100 Book Series Review.

I mentioned back in my monthly favourites (here) how much Ive been enjoying The 100 series. Its been a fantastic show to watch, so when I got super lucky when I visited The Works and found the entire book series for £10, there was no way I was leaving that shop without the book series! It was brilliant. So I came home and immediately cracked open the first book. 5 days later I had finished the entire series.

‘The 100’, by Kass Morgan | ★★★★★

They are absolutely brilliant! Very much a Young Adult series, but they aren’t childish, there are ‘adult themes’ lets say or at least that is heavily implied a few times. So I should probable explain, so this series is the bases of the TV show, not the same in anyway. So you can easily watch the TV series and read the books second without a clue of whats going to happen. They are totally separate, from how the ark (or colony in the books) is set up, to how long they’ve been up there, to the characters. And I’ve got admit, I was super sad when I read it and found out the Raven, Finn, Jasper, Monty and Lexa dont even exist in the books. In fact the grounders in the books and the TV series are so different! We even have new characters who never made it to the series and well there are some other changes I won’t talk much about so I won’t ruin it.

The books are all separated into 4 different points of views. We hear from Clarke (of course), Bellamy and Wells, but also about a girl called Glass, who I guess is kind of a mix of Raven and Finn? Or maybe she inspired them? Hmm, I cant be sure. But her story is fascinating and sad at the same time, oh and also so amazing for some if it too. Its from her that we find out whats happening and what life is like at the colonies, while the 100 get sent to the ground – so at least that parts the same. But literally everything else is different.

The writing is fantastic. Although Ive always been one for a bit more description. There are moments when you want to know more about the radiated forests or a particular battle, but I understand that some people bore of that stuff quickly too so I guess its a bit of the best of both worlds. Its the scenery the description of the old buildings and the village of the ‘earthborn’ that is so spectacular. You really get an understanding of the amazement that the 100 feel when they see everything for the first time.

I read one of these books a day and well, Im a fast reader, so they can easily last longer. But I didn’t want to ever put them down. They really keep you on edge and boy was I glad you can get them as a set. Because the story line is so different, ti was really easy to forget that their connected. Even the Clarke in the book is rather different to the one from the show. I must admit, I was a huge Bellark fan for the show, especially in the second season and onwards, and well I was very happy in the books lets just say that.

I really enjoyed these books and I know ill end up reading them again, so if youre looking for a book series to try out, I have to suggest these. Especially when you can get them so cheaply!

Where can you find the book:
Paperback: Amazon – £5.99 per book
Box SetThe Works – £10
Kindle: Amazon – £1.99 per book



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