Jenny’s July/August Favourites

I cannot believe it is the first of September today! August went so quick! In all honesty this whole summer has gone quickly. I realised that I never got round to doing a July favourites so I thought in todays post I would share with you my July and August favourites.

So for those of you who don’t know I absolutely love to shop and recently I have been loving Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing. They have some beautiful things on there and their quality is so good for the price you pay. I normally end up getting dresses and going out outfits from them but they also have jeans and everyday comfy wear. I have shopped from both these places for a few years but only recently have I fell back in love with them again. I would definitely recommend these two online retailers as not only are the clothes great quality but also they regularly have deals on where you can get next day delivery for £1.99. Also if you have Unidays you can get a discount. If you love shopping like me or are looking for reasonably priced but good quality clothing I would definitely recommend checking out Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing (links are down below).


Pretty Little Thing

Speaking of clothing retailers, I have been really enjoying my new leggings that I bought a few weeks ago from JD Sports. They are Supply and Demand leggings and they are the comfiest things ever. I know I wanted a new pair of leggings as I originally had a pair of grey leggings from Topshop but the waistband was just so uncomfy and I just couldn’t deal with uncomfy leggings. So I went on the lookout and came across Supply and Demand, who I had never heard of before, but oh my goodness I am so glad I tried on their leggings because they are so comfy. I also did try on a pair from Pretty Little Thing which were also very comfy but I didn’t order the right size so I need to order a different size. Then have both the Supply and demand and Pretty Little Thing pair so that when one pair is in the wash I can wear the other pair. If you are on the look out for comfy leggings then I would recommend JD sports or Pretty Little Thing because I have found them to be the best for me.

Supply and Demand Leggings ~ £18.00

Pretty Little Thing Leggings ~ £15.00

Next we have the cinema. I love the cinema. I have been there five times over the last two months which probably doesn’t seem like much but I wish I could have gone more and I would have if I had an unlimited card. There is just something so atmospheric about going to a big screen and sitting in a comfy chair with snacks and watching a film with surround sound. I already love watching films so going to the cinema and watching it on the big screen is my kind of fun … especially with popcorn! My boyfriend and I tend to go together as we love going on date nights and a new Cineworld has recently opened up in Speke which looks amazing and as it’s near Liverpool I think this may become our new cinema.

Leading on from my love of the cinema, last week my boyfriend and I went to see Incredibles 2. What a film! I actually thought it was better than the first one. I really enjoyed seeing the whole family getting involved and Jack Jack having a bit more of a role. The storyline was really good and seeing other superheroes get involved was cool as well. It follows the story of the screenslaver who wants to make superheroes illegal and so its about the superheroes trying to fight against that. It’s so good. The short film at the beginning was also really sweet … I very nearly shed a tear! For any of you who have seen the first one or just want to go to the cinema and watch a light hearted film I would recommend going to see. It is a great film and a great way to spend the afternoon when you have nothing else to do.

If you don’t fancy like going to the cinema but have netflix then may I recommend watching Suits? It is a great series! I have literally binged watched 7 seasons in 2 weeks! It’s so funny though because my boyfriend originally watched it and kept telling me to watch it but I wasn’t really interested then two weeks ago I caught my dad watching it and after watching a few episodes I was engrossed. The story revolves around a guy called Mike who is hired by a partner at a law firm but as Mike isn’t a law student it’s illegal, so it’s about them working at the firm whilst trying to keep it a secret that Mike isn’t a law student. My description doesn’t do it justice but it really is a good program and if you watch the first few episodes I promise you, you will be hooked.

A beauty product that I have been loving this month is the Nivea Lotion enriched for Dry Skin. I have had really bad dry skin on my feet and face and this lotion seems to do wonders. You put it on once and it makes your skin feel so smooth and moisturised. I also use it as a primer before I put on my makeup as it makes my face feel primed and ready before I start adding foundation and concealer to it. I had really bad dry skin on my heels but since using that lotion twice it has already got rid of most the dry skin. For anyone who is struggling with dry skin this Nivea lotion is really good. I picked it up on a whim because I forgot my moisturiser when I went on holiday and needed a cheap substitute. Turns out this is even better than the moisturiser I left at home. The good thing is as well is that it can be used on the body and the face.

Nivea Lotion Enriched For Dry Skin ~ £2.59

Music wise I have been listening to a lot of new things. I love to go through the new songs list on Apple Music every week and add new songs to my playlist. However, a few songs that I have been loving over the last two months are as follows; Youngblood (5 Seconds of Summer), Love Lies (Khalid & Normani), Ocean (Martin Garrix feat Khalid), Best Part (Daniel Caesar feat H.E.R), God is a woman (Ariana Grande), Trip (Ella Mai), In My Feelings (Drake), Breathin (Ariana Grande), Your Lovin’ (Steel Banglez feat MO & Yxng Bane), Plum (Troye Sivan). I know there are quite a few there but honestly I could have written a bunch more. I love music so I have lot of favourite songs.

So those were my July and August favourites. As you can see quite a random selection of things but they have all been things that I have enjoyed over the past two months.

July and August have been months of learning to drive and preparing for final year. Other than that I went on holiday for a week and visited family with my boyfriend. I realise that our blog took a dip and that was my fault and I wanted to apologise. Hopefully from today our blog will be back on track and you can expect some cool new posts coming your way as Hana comes back from America and we both move back to University.

I hope you enjoyed the post and we would love to hear what you have been loving over the last few months so please feel free to comment down below what your July/August favourites have been.

Have a great rest of the summer and good luck to all those starting a new year at School/College/University or Work.



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