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Yesterday I finally moved into my new Studio flat! I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before moving in. It feels so good though to finally be in and see where I will be staying for third year. In today’s blog post I will be giving a little tour, in photos, of my new studio tour! These photos were taken yesterday when I hadn’t moved my stuff in yet only a few basic things so that’s why it looks so empty but I will do an updated one once I have moved my stuff in properly.

So where do I start! Let’s start with the front door! Funnily enough when I first arrived they gave me another room and when I opened it someone else’s bags were in there. Thankfully it all got sorted in the end and they gave me this room which actually turned out for the best as this one is a better layout! Anyway, this is the front door and on the left is the bathroom door and to the right you have the double wardrobe and the desk.

This is what the inside of the wardrobe looks like. It has a clothes rail at the top with two compartments at the bottom. I am so glad I have a double wardrobe as at home I only have a single one and its such a squish!

Then we have the desk which has a drawer at the front of it which is so handy for keeping my laptop and all those little knick knack things that you don’t really want to be on display or you want to store out of sight when your out of your apartment. To the side of it, it then has four little shelves for storing things which is also very handy. On top of the desk is just a jumper that they gave us.

The bathroom! I love this bathroom! I feel like I am in a hotel every time I step into it! The shower is lovely and all the fixtures work well which just makes it even better as sometimes in these places they can be a bit dodgy. Also the grey and white colour scheme is right up my street! All I need to do now is kit it out with my own home accessories!

After the desk you have this shelving unit which is the Kallax unit from Ikea. Next to it you have the full length mirror which is also so handy because I love seeing what I am wearing and cannot deal with places that don’t have a full length mirror so I am glad they have that.

Next to the mirror we have the bedside table and bed which has two pull out drawers on either side. Again, so stoked that it already has under bed storage as I always use space under the bed but this time it will look like a nice organised space under the bed!

This is the only window I have in the studio flat and although its the only one it lets in so much light because its floor to ceiling. I love this window and think it’s a great statement piece.

Opposite my bed there is a TV mounted on the wall with a table and two chairs under it. This gets me very excited as I haven’t sat at a table at University to eat for a long time. My boyfriend and I are very excited to finally be able to sit and eat dinner together. I just need to get some placemats to kit out the table with.

Then finally the kitchen. What a gorgeous kitchen. I really like the black and white which I didn’t think I would but I do. I love the tiling along the back of the kitchen and then the white services. The kitchen counter actually has flecks of glitter in it. Included in the kitchen I also got a Russell hobbs microwave, toaster and kettle so all I have to do is just bring my crockery and cutlery.

I am so excited to be living here and more excited to unpack and get this place feeling like home. I am down here for the next few days and then back home for a week before moving back here for my final year of University. I am writing this post just before I head out to town to do a bit of homeware shopping so look out there may be a homeware haul post coming your way!

Anyway, I hope your all having a wonderful week and let me know if you have any hacks for small spaces as I am wondering how I am going to fit all my kitchen stuff in!


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