Living by myself

As most of you know I moved into my Studio Flat last week which I will be living in by myself. This will be a new experience for me as I have never lived by myself before. I thought that in this post I would write about what I am most looking forward to and what I am most scared of about living by myself this year.

The reason I am living by myself is because I was supposed to do a year in Industry this year so whilst I was looking for a job my university friends where finding houses. I couldn’t join in because I didn’t know where my job was going to be as I was looking for jobs in London as well as where my university is. So due to this uncertainty I couldn’t commit to finding a house with my university mates. They all went on to get houses and sort out where they were living and then I decided to just do the three year course. This then meant that I needed to find accommodation but everyone had already sorted out living situations for third year. So my only choice was to either live with people I didn’t know or live by myself. I decided to live by myself so I started to look for Studio flats and found the place I am in now.

At first I wasn’t nervous about living by myself. It didn’t really phase me. I thought it would be a bit like first year halls. It also didn’t phase me as much because I already have a network of friends at university that I can just hang out with if I get lonely. Another positive to living by myself this year is that because it’s final year I will probably have a lot more work to do and so will need peace and quiet in order to work.

Like I mentioned, I wasn’t that nervous about living by myself until last week when I moved in and I was sitting at my desk all alone. I hadn’t moved any of my stuff in yet because I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish work so he could bring my stuff and it just suddenly hit me. I was going to be living here alone. In my own company. Scary. Thankfully though my boyfriend finished work and came over with all my stuff and we had dinner and I began to feel more at ease. The next day I unpacked everything and got myself a Google Chromecast which is awesome, you can can cast Youtube and Netflix from your phone onto the TV, and it began to feel like home. On Thursday I finished setting up and unpacking everything my boyfriend brought with him and now I am moved in, it feels like home and it is so nice. I am in love with the Studio Flat, it is so nice! I still have some bits to move in when I come up with my parents but for now it is great. It just makes me so excited for when I start university.

I am now back home again now and then my parents and I are coming back up in a week in time for Freshers’. Then my third year will begin.

So here are a few things that I am looking forward to about living by myself;

~ Showering when I want

~ Watching what I want on TV

~ Wearing whatever

~ The kitchen being free whenever

~ No distractions

~ Peace and Quiet

Here are a few things that I am nervous about;

~ Being lonely

~ Having to do all the cleaning

~ Having to be organised

~ Making sure I’m on time to everything

~ No-one to let me in if I forget my keys

I think third year is going to be a really good year. It might be hard but I think it will be lots of fun. I am really lucky to be living where I am living and just hope that the positives of living by myself outweigh the negatives!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have ever lived by yourself and if you have any advice!


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