Camp Photo Diary

So its official. I have completed my time at summer camp in America. No to say that my time in camp was perfect is a total lie and someting I will be very honest about. You can read all about that in my previous post, I’m Back! But until then, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photos from my time at camp. Of all the things I did love – trust me there were many. Now i dont want you to go through these photos with the idea that i hated camp – that was not the case. I loved my time at the camp, but there were issues with the management that caused problems for us Internationals. Again something I have mentioned previously. As you guys go through my photos, remember that I was working with the horses – so there will be many photos of them. I have decided not to share photos of me and my friends as I would need their consent and it is a whole lot easier to just share the photos of myself. Now I should probably give a quick explaination of the hands? Every specialty in camp had an area in which they would strike their claim – write their names or draw a picture. The Horseback’s for the last 2 years and done hand prints with their names and the horses names of that year. So we chose the colour red and spread our mark. Oh rein (haha get the pun?) in camp was quite the rebellious one so we found it funny to tie it in with being caught red handed – or so to speak.  That’s all I have for now. I also took a lot of photos on my phone in the 4 weeks we were allowed them. If you guys would like to see them let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading as usual and keep an eye out for our next post xxx

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