My Summer Reverse Bucket List.

Before I left this summer for America, I wrote a list of things which I wished to complete while I was away – A bucket list as you’d like. And since I completed a lot more things than I thought I would, I wrote a little reverse bucket list to tell you guys really quickly what I did while I was away. I hope you enjoy.


  • Go Horse riding in America
  • Ride around camp
  • Ride bareback
  • Slide down a waterfall
  • Swim in a lake with leeches
  • Zipline over a lake – and get stuck in the middle
  • Work in a tuck shop
  • Visit Americas biggest mall
  • Go to Herseys world/park
  • Go to Downey Park
  • Spend my birthday shopping in Philly
  • Met some amazing people
  • Taught Horse riding to 4 year olds
  • Taught Archery
  • Cared for 4 amazing horses
  • Shop in Sephora
  • Survive a whole summer at camp



  • Go to a comedy show
  • Visit Times Square
  • Go to Staten Island
  • Photograph the statue of Liberty
  • Go on the Subway
  • Eat in China Town
  • Visit Soho and window shop
  • See City Hall
  • Meet a mounted policeman
  • Go up the Rockafella Center
  • See the Empire state building
  • See New York at Night
  • Photograph the NYC Skyline
  • Eat NYC Sushi
  • Stay in Queens
  • Spend 24 hours in the city alone



  • See south Beach
  • Visit Down Town
  • Shop at the Dolphin Mall
  • Eat at the Cheesecake factory
  • Try a Shack Shake
  • Have an American Milkshake
  • Experience a tropical storm
  • See Dolphins in the wild


  • Take a cruise down the Mississippi
  • Visit the French Quarter
  • Try Gumbo
  • Go for a Mule ride around the Quarter
  • Try Jambalaya
  • Have my fortune told
  • Visit a witch shop
  • Stay in a haunted hotel


  • Visit Disney World – all but 1 park
  • See Pandora
  • Ride the New pandora rides
  • See the Magic Kingdom fireworks at night
  • Eat at an American dinner
  • Eat at Applebees
  • Shop at the Mall at Millenials
  • Go to Universal
  • Ride the Hulk
  • Visit the New Harry Potter world
  • Ride the Hogwarts express
  • Visit Discovery Cove
  • Swim with a dolphin
  • Paddle with Sting Rays
  • Have an amazing day out for my mums birthday
  • Visit Old Town
  • Ride Space Mountain

Theres a little list of things I did in America, they’re always something new but most are. I hope you enjoyed xx


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