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If you guys dont know me by now, then you ought to know how much I love stationary. And really cute stationary at that. I’m a total neat freak! Everything should match at least slightly and everything must be organised in a very certain, particular way. So when my new timetable came in, naturally I started thinking about a bit of organisation – before you say it, yes, my university starts super late compared to everyone else. Im not really sure why…

Anyway, in comes the timetable and off my mind goes to organisation. It actually goes into total overdrive! I’ve always been a fan of having a detailed planner, as you guys can see in my whats in my university bag post, where I talk a bit about my moleskin journal. If I hadn’t had that last year, I have no idea where I’d be! So this year I knew I wanted a new journal, and a really nice one at that. I dont mind spending a bit of extra money on something like this because I know how much use I’ll get from it.

I had my heart set on this gorgeous Passion Planner. If you haven’t heard fo them you really should look them up on Instagram or something, their stunning. But unfortunately they dont ship to the UK, so I had to rethink. My next option came to my head so quickly. A few years ago I bought myself this stunning Kikki.K diary, it was only A6 but it was honestly perfect. The only issue is, it would be a touch too small for my day to day use. So I made my way over to the store in London St. Pancras on my way home.

I love this store. I always wonder in but can never really justify spending so much money on stationary. Well this time I just got over it a decided to treat myself ready for the new year. After all, this year I would be working extremely hard. I can afford some nice things to encourage me along my way.

The first thing I picked up was exactly what I wanted and needed. This beautiful 2019 pastel pink Daily planner. The cover of this planner is a really beautiful shade of pink – and trust me, im not exactly a pink girl – with gold detail. The pictures really dont do it justice as its rather pale, but I tried. It has both monthly and a daily pages throughout plus extra’s at the back; things like, expenses and addresses. It cost me £27, which isn’t actually too bad as its such lovely quality and I cant wait to get into it. The only issue is that it starts in December and not in August, but my old book lasts until january next year so Ill just use my old until I can start this one.

As I was just browsing around the shop further, i found these stunning scissors. Now it may seem odd to buy scissors rather than notebooks and folders, but the truth is I couldn’t resist the beautiful colour. They just matched the diary so well that I couldn’t help but say yes. They were only £7.50 and I did need some new scissors; why not get some really nice ones?

It wasn’t until this point that I realised that I had a theme, gold and pastel. now I rather like this theme and will be continuing it for the rest of the achedemic year so i bought 2 pens to go with it. The first is this stunning gold ball-point which was the hefty price of £12.00 – kinda an impulse buy? And the other is this lovely geometric gold and white ball-point (£9). Both are beautiful, but slightly bigger than I’m used to writing in – I’ve always preferred a fine pen and these are 0.5. However, Im going to see if I can switch out the ink cartridges with ones I prefer or just work with them and get used to thinker pens again. Either way I still love them and they’re probably the smoothest pens I’ve used since the MUJI 0.35.

I know this was a tiny haul, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Do you guys love stationary as much as I do? Thank you so much for reading! See you soon xx




  1. October 3, 2018 / 18:02

    Love these products, they’re so pretty!

    • lifeaccordingtous
      October 3, 2018 / 20:59

      They are aren’t they!? I couldn’t resist xx

    • lifeaccordingtous
      October 15, 2018 / 20:13

      I firmly believe that there is no such thing – Hana xx

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