24 Hours In New York Alone.

So as you guys probably know I went traveling after I worked in America and one of the places I went to was New York City. I’ve always wanted to go to the great NYC, but I only had 2 days there before I had to go to Miami. So I tried to fit in as much as possible in the few days I had. I thought I would write a little diary entry of what I did and what I saw on my final day alone in NYC. See my friends were both flying home out of JFK and Newark in the morning, so I had to plan around collecting our bags and checking into a hotel.

My day alone in New York started after saying goodbye to my friends as they headed to the airport. Well one of my friends stayed a little longer than the other and we went for brunch at a sushi place – it was amazing! So around lunch time I was totally alone. First I went to check into my hotel. Luckily I went with my friends where I needed to on the subway so I didn’t have to do that alone. I was a little nervous about that with a big suitcase. My hotel was just off times square and they were so kind to check me in super early, so I dropped my bags and headed on out. The day before we had been to see Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, as well as Soho, Wall Street and China Town. I hadn’t however seen the major buildings yet, and I was running out of time. By the time I had checked in, dropped everything off and got some late lunch, it was past 3pm.

I was running out of day light and I hadn’t got a plan at all yet. So I wondered on down to times square and explored Broadstreet a little. It was at this point when I realised that I had totally and utterly forgotten my purse. So yes, I had to go all the way back to my room and start again. It was becoming apparent that I wasn’t going to have time see see everything, so I made a decision. The Rockafella. So I bought a ticket for 7pm for the Rockafella and headed out again at 6pm.

I’ve always been really worried about walking around NYC at night, but I was surprisingly confident. I didn’t feel nervous at all. All around me were beautiful lights and the buss of life. People ran around me, trying to get from A to B, and street performers changed the noisy bustle to sweet music. It was really quite a special image. I cant put into words how in awe I felt looking around me at times square as the sun went down and how comfortable I really felt.

I made my way to the rockafella slowly, looking around and kind of exploring as I went. On my way I met some lovely mounted policemen, who to the time to chat to me and take photos. They even told me a bit about the city. Honestly some of the nicest men I’ve ever met. Then I made my way up.

The view was stunning. I got to see everything I wanted to see. I saw the Empire State, the Chrysler building and the entire skyline. Seeing this all in the dark was just stunning. It was lit up like a christmas tree and wow! Even my camera couldn’t capture all the beauty. It was stunning and a perfect end to my disastrous day in NYC alone. I left after an hour or so and made my way down through times square again. After a brief stop in the Disney shop (love it!) and Sephora, I wondered on back to my hotel room at around 10pm, where i relaxed with the first bath I’d had in 4 months.

Though it was a slightly disastrous and slow start to my alone travels, I loved my day alone in New York City in the end. It was just perfect to see the city at night. I hope you enjoyed my story, thank you for reading xx


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