Why I love Miami.

Since my trip in the summer, so many people have asked me the simple question, Where was your favourite place? What was the highlight? And every single time, I answer the same way; Miami. My time in Miami was honestly one of the major highlights of my entire trip. Though I didn’t actually do much there in terms of tourist attractions, or even sunbath that much or go to the beach; I spent a lot of time recuperating after a stressful and tiring summer. It was a break a greatly needed and greatly appreciated. I was lucky enough that I happen to have family in Miami, who took great care of me and offered me a place to stay in a beautiful apartment over a canal full of dolphins and other sea life.

During my time here, I stayed with my mothers cousin who lives in a stunning apartment over the canal. The first time my cousin showed me around, I saw a beautiful manta-ray jump out the water just outside my bedroom window! Its was amazing! It has assess to this beautiful pool and a gym – not that I ever wanted to go to the gym. The whole aura was just relaxing and calm. In fact this whole city felt relaxing. It seems to run at its on pace, a slow and chilled pace. This was one the things I loved about Miami; I got up at 9 am, brewed a lovely cup of tea and grabbed a yogurt, just to sit out on the balcony for another hour or so and watch the river flow.This was my morning every morning for 6 days. It was honestly just what I needed after those long months at camp.

After a couple of days here I realised how much I just loved the city. It was clean and well cared for. Though its this huge business city, it felt neither big nor buisness-like. It was clean and beautiful. Greenery was everywhere, with palm trees lining the streets and flowers were everywhere. It was generally a really lovely city.

I spent my time with my family, relaxing and chatting up, as well as in the car as my cousin showed me around the city. We went to the dolphin mall and the wayward walls. Just exploring a new area was amazing. I loved just how relaxing it was. Just what I really needed. That was why I loved Miami so much and I will definitely be going back as soon as I can.


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