My favourite September Series


Since being back at University I have been watching quite a few series to fill in the gaps between my lectures and work. I have a TV in my room this year with a Google Chromecast which makes it so easy to just flick across Netflix and TV series that I might want to watch. I have watched/started to watch a variety of new shows so thought I would share them with you in today’s post.


The first series that I have watched all the way through this September is Plebs. This is a comedy show shown originally on ITV2 but isn’t on catch up anymore so had to watch it on Netflix. There are 4 seasons overall but only 3 on Netflix. I actually found the Fourth season the best and the funniest. The whole premise of the show is set around 3 english men who live together in Rome, 2 of them working men and one of them their slave. It is about them living their daily lives and trying to get girls and trying to get money for rent. It is really funny as it is set in Rome back when they had charioteers and gladiators but some bits are set in the modern day. I would highly recommend if you like light-hearted comedies but just to warn you their are some crude jokes every now and again!

Friday Night Dinner

This has been another good light-hearted comedy series ┬áthat I have watched in September. It is 5 seasons long with about 6 episodes in each season. It is based around this family that has dinner every Friday night but every friday something always seems to be going on. Also their next door neighbour always seems to come round and he’s really funny. It’s so easy to watch I just stick it on when cooking on doing the dishes. It has a good cast as well with Simon Bird from the inbetweeners as one of the brothers and Tom Rosenthal as the other one who is from Plebs. I would really recommend this if you want something light-hearted to watch and a comedy as well. All 5 seasons can be found on Channel 4 or the first 2 seasons can be found on Netflix.

Strictly Come Dancing

Yep, this has started again for 2018 yay! I love Strictly Come Dancing especially now they have Joe Sugg on who I actually know. It’s really cool to see him dancing as I never knew he was so good at dancing. I hope he is this good at the slow dances. I really like Danny as well I think he is really good and Faye is good as well. Ashley is doing well considering its only week 3! Well when I am writing this it is only week 3. Overall I have really enjoyed it so far and I am excited to see what else is coming our way. We still have halloween week which is always a good week!

The Great British Bake Off

What a fab show! Again, like Strictly Come Dancing, I really like this show. This, Strictly and The Apprentice are three of the only TV shows I actually watch on TV. I love the idea of amateur competing in rounds to find out who is the best baker! I love watching the Showstopper challenges the best as I love seeing the creativity of the bakers and what they will produce. The only bad thing about watching the show is that it makes me really hungry and craving cakes! My favourite week is always cake week as I think they always look amazing, however I am excited to see how Vegan week goes this week! Unlike other years I haven’t really had a favourite. Although I do think Rahul is really good, how does he manage to do so well every week! I also like Manon and Briony. Who are you favourites?

The Apprentice

As I am writing this there has only been one episode so far so I can’t write too much about it but oh my gosh my first impression is what a bunch of interesting people! It is actually a little cringe watching this as a business student watching what the UK has to offer as some of the best business people. The women need to pull themselves together and get organised better and manage time better. The men need to be a little less cocky and actually find out what a product is! The good news is, is that it is entertaining and makes me laugh so that’s good! Just wish they had a bit more common sense that’s all! I would definitely recommend watching this if you want a good laugh or if you are interested in business/entertainment and like Lord Sugar in the boardroom!


Finally, I have just finished binge watching Maniac, a series that was being advertised on Netflix. I kept seeing it and after I had finished Plebs and Friday Night Dinner I decided to give it a go. It stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone and follows the story of two people who for different reasons go on this drug trial for a drug that is supposed to ‘cure pain’. It is then the story of them becoming friends whilst the people at the large drug company find out whether their drug is successful. I would recommend this if you want something a bit different. In my opinion, it was good but a little weird and in places quite dark. Make sure you are prepared for the weirdness though and if you are going to watch it then watch a few episodes as it gets more into the plot the further you go into the series.

As you can see I have kept myself busy over the previous month or so and have loved watching all the different genres of series. As I am getting more into Uni work I will have less time to binge watch so September was my last chance to watch what I wanted to! Although, if you have any suggestions as to what I could watch next I would love to hear them!


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