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So it may have been a while since I got back from America now and yes I am feel far better rested now, but I’m starting to miss the sun! Oh to was so lovely out there and now all I want is to boost the heating and cuddle up on the sofa with the film. Oh well if you’d look at that, thats exactly what I’m doing now while I write this post. Speaking of which… Lets get on with it. While I was away I, well, I spent a lot of money shopping for new things. I got clothes, presents and even more clothes. I earned a lot of money while working, and though I can always do with money as a student, dollars don’t translate to pounds very well and I would loose so much more than I would have learnt. So naturally I went shopping. And when I say shopping I mean shop-ping! And well, here you go. I’ll stop blabbering on and just show you the lovely clothes I bought while away.

Jumpsuit: $60.99 from Urban Outfitters

I adore this outfit! I bought this on a total impulse on a day off from camp. I spent the entire day at the largest mall in American, the Mall of Prussia in Pennsylvania. It was a fantastic day and as it came to an end I went into Urban Outfitters where one of the models was wearing this. And I needed it. So naturally I was like, oh I’ll just try it on, I probably won’t buy it. Well, yeah that didn’t happen. I tried it on and I loved it! It was so comfortable and I actually really like how I look in it. I never in a million years thought I would suit these kind of trousers, but I don’t think I look awful! Plus when I got to the desk, I just mentioned that I was from England and got a huge discount! It was great.

Top: $39.99 from Hollister

So I may have spent a lot of money in Hollister while I was away so please don’t actually add this up. Its going to not be great. But I love Hollister! Like serous have since I was little. Ironically as I’m writing this I’m sitting in my Hollister pyjama trousers and top… So naturally I was going to see what I could find during my day off. My first find was this porous flowing top. Its honestly so light and airy and its super comfortable, which I always find so hard to get with these cold shoulder tops. I really could resist and well, I got 20% off plus $5 off for joining the USA cali club!

Jumpsuit: $50 from Hollister

This was my second find in the Hollister was this stunning laced from Jumpsuit. I’ve always loved the idea of a corset style top. I really love a good period drama and, well, the corsets in them are just stunning. After my purchase of my Urban Outfitters, I fell in love with the whole jumpsuit thing, so, I really couldn’t resist this one. As soon as I tried it on, I knew that I was going to be walking out with it.

This one was bought in Orlando’s Mall at Millennia, where my mum and I accidentally ended up in one day when we were trying to get to some outlets. It turned out for the best because I found this. I literally wore this the net day to Universal and it’s so commutable and kept me cool despite the long trousers. Its just perfect!




Top: $12 from H&M

How cute is this top? I honestly love it! Its so dainty and you know, I love the colour. When I was really little I hated the colour pink, but since this trip I’ve been loving this light, rusty rose or baby pink colour. I even bought my new year planner in it, which you can see in my stationary haul here. So when I started browsing in a H&M with my second cousin in Miami, well, I just couldn’t resist trying it on. Plus $12 isn’t that expensive. Right?

Well I also bought a really cute playsuit, that was in the wash when I was taking photos, which was in the sale. Its a stunning blue and silver bandana style pattern, and it was a whole $3! Literally a steal and its super cute. Plus its super light weight so its really easy to tuck into your bag on a day trip!



Pyjama Top and Shorts: $34 from Hollister

So I bought this set on my first shopping trip, when I went to King of Prussia, so this was part of my major discount from Hollister which was great. But I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve already mentioned how much I’ve been loving this gorgeous pink colour recently, but the real thing that caught me was the softness. This set is the softest thing I’ve ever felt and wow their the best pyjamas I’ve got in a long time.

Top: $9 from A New Orleans Souvenir Shop

The shops in New Orleans were insane, even the little souvenir shops that sell all that cheap little holiday rubbish. There was even this really cool voodoo death shop thing that was decorated amazingly. Honestly this was one of the best places I have ever visited. Anyway, I was wandering around, looking at all these little shops and I came across this top that that this gorgeous logo on it and I really wanted something that said it was from New Orleans on it. The problem was I really, for some reason I cant explain, wanted a tank. Not a cap sleeve, but just a tank. After a lot of looking I actually found one! And it wasn’t too expensive either.

I also got my self a fridge magnet from New Orleans, oh and of course I got my fortune told. Some people have many questions bout how real they are, but it was such a fascinating experience.



Top: $5 from Hollister

Yes, you read that right, a 5 top, from Hollister. I know! I bought this tank top from the Hollister in the King of Prussia and yes, I got it from the sale. By the time I found this in the sale section, I already had quite the handful of clothing. But since it was so cheap, I thought why not! Oh and I cant even tell you how soft the fabric is.

I found that this particular top was perfect for the hot whether of America and it so lightweight it packed down to almost nothing. It will be perfect for any other trip I go on in the future. This is one of my favourite things about Hollister, their tops and clothes are such good quality and if you look long enough, you can get it so cheaply! I think this top will pair perfectly to some jeans or a pair of jean shorts.




Disney Top: £19.99 from DisneyWorld Stores

While at Disney, I am proud to say that I was super strict with myself. I wanted to buy basically everything I laid my eyes on, but one thing I had seen and really did want was this gorges print. I didn’t really care if it was on a bag or a postcard. I just really wanted the print, butI had no idea what to get it on. Until my eyes landed on this top. This trip the America, I really developed a love for tank tops. Their light and airy and perfect for ridiculously hot weather. Which was basically my life for over 3 months, so yeah. They were perfect. So thats why I decided to pick up the pretty little top. I wore it to Disney the next day with some nice little jean shorts and well, I love it.

Top: $9.99 from The Disney Store

The last piece of clothing that I have for you here is this cute little New York Disney Top. When I was in New York on my own, a day you can read about here, I stopped in at the Disney Store, a trip I can never resist. I spent so long looking around the sale section and wanted to buy literally everything, but i settled on this cute little top. There was another that I loved, but they didn’t appear to have my size so I nabbed this while I had the chance. I really wanted to buy myself something from each of the places I visited in America and well, a Disney top from New York seemed like a good idea.


These were just some of my favourite purchases from America, but they were not my only purchases. As I said, I spent a lot of money… I also bought some Calvin Kleins in the outlets, Victoria Secret Underwear, crop tops, shorts and more.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to see the rest of my purchases from America, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll work on it! Thank you so much for reading.




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      October 15, 2018 / 20:14

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them – Hana xxx

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