What’s inside my University Bag?

Recently, I took a trip to Cheshire Oaks (a designer fashion outlet) and bought a new handbag which I have been using as my new bag for University. Since buying this bag and finally getting a new water bottle, I thought I would finally share with you what I have inside my university bag. I know Hana has done one of these so if you want to go and check that out just click here!

First we have the bag which I am obsessed with! I got it from Kurt Geiger from Cheshire Oaks so the handbag was reduced to £48. I have been on the look out for a handbag for so long, so when I saw this I was over the moon. It is grey (my go to handbag colour), has two shoulder straps but also one long strap that you can attach to it, an inside zip pocket and a little pocket on the inside of the bag. It has plenty of room within the bag as the bag itself is quite big. For me it’s the perfect size as it fits my laptop in and everything else that I could possibly want in my bag.

Carvela Handbag ~ £59.00

Next I have my water bottle, I always keep this in my handbag as you have got to stay hydrated throughout the day! This Chilly’s bottle is so good as it keeps your liquid cold or warm which is really cool. I also love the matte white colour as I think it looks stylish and sleek. I have the 500ml size although you can get different sizes smaller and bigger.

500ml White Matte Chilly’s Bottle ~ £20.00

I always keep this notebook in my handbag for notes that I might need to take throughout the day or to write reminders to myself. I have found this really useful not only for University but also to write down appointments and meetings. Would definitely recommend if you struggle remembering things or need to be more organised. I haven’t linked this below because it was from b&m last Christmas so they have changed their stock round since then.


To go with my notebook I have my pencil case which I keep a few pens and highlighters in. You never know when you might need a pen especially if I have to write in my notebook. Also I like keeping highlighters in my bag so I can highlight important information in my notebook or on sheets if I get given them in lectures. I cannot find the exact pencil case that I got from New Look but I have linked one that is really similar still from New Look.

Marble Pencil Case ~ £4.99

My umbrella is an essential in autumn time as in England it tends to rain a lot. It packs up small so luckily I can just tuck it away in my bag and then get it out when I need it. I cannot find the link to this umbrella but I got it from Wilko for about £4.00.

Where would I be if I didn’t have my purse in my bag! I always need my purse as it has my student ID in it along with my ID and my debit cards. I carry my purse around in the zipped pocket just to add some security so it doesn’t fall out. The purse itself is from River Island and I love it although I have had it for a while so it is looking a bit worn out now. The only problem with this purse is that when I use a smaller bag sometimes it won’t fit in as it is quite big. Again, because I got this purse a few years ago I cannot find the link to it but you can get ones similar from River Island.

When going into uni, I will take my laptop as I make all my notes from my lectures on my laptop using Microsoft word. If my laptop is out of battery or for some reason I can’t take it in, I will take in my iPad instead which is just as good for taking notes but the screen is just smaller. For me, using technology to take notes is so much easier and convenient when I am in uni so I am very grateful for my laptop.


A few smaller essentials I keep in the small pocket are; lip balm, chewing gum, hairbands and a foldable bag. These are all essentials that will definitely come in handy every once in a while especially the fold away bag. I use this every time I go shopping.

So on a day to day basis, those are all the things that I keep in my University bag. Occasionally if I am taking in a packed lunch I will also have my packed lunch box which I will keep in the zipped pocket but that isn’t very often.

Feel free to leave a comment down below of what things you keep in your university bag as I would love to hear from you.


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