My Summer Tarte Haul!

Yeah don’t worry guys, as I promised, I’m still not done with all these summer posts. You guys know how much fun I had in America and also how much *cough*money I spent there… If you want to see my clothing haul, you can check that out here, but for now I wanted to share with you my Sephora haul. Or well, it was more like my Tarte haul, because I basically just spent money on Tarte. Anyway, here’s pretty much everything I got cosmetic wise in America, enjoy.

One of my first trip to Sephora was while I was working in camp and I had a day off. Me and some friends went to the largest mall in America, King of Prussia Mall, where I found my first Sephora. I could describe to you how excited I was to see it but, I feel like me telling you that I was in this shop for over an hour and half is probable adequate.

I knew exactly what I wanted to look for first, so I ran straight to the Tarte section and I literally sat down in front of the stand to look at everything. I’m not ashamed… Either way, this entire haul was not all bought in one go. I bought all of this over my time in America. Somethings I got as mini samples then fell in love with them so had to get full versions. Oh, stop talking Hana! Okay sorry, let’s begin!

One of the first things I pick up was a little set of Tarte minis. It included a mini mascara, eye patches and a mini cleansing gel from their new Rainforest of the Sea collection. I really wanted to try some of their things but, I dint know if they would get on with my skin, so a set of minis’ seemed perfect and for only $15 it seemed like a really good option. And it was. I feel totally in love with this brand… As you will see from this post…

I fell totally in love with this mascara, and later went back to get the full-sized version and I’m so happy I did. It’s just so unclumpy! I found that it made my lashes look so much longer and prettier. Plus how gorgeous is the packaging? If there is one thing I loved about Tarte’s products, it’s the beautiful packaging of this range! I never used to really wear mascara, I just wasn’t a huge fan of it, until I tried this one. So worth the money.

Next, I picked myself up another mini set; this set is a skin care set, so slightly different to the first and technically it was a gift from my cousin (who you can hear about here). This set included Tarte’s Maracuja oil, eye treatment and Drink of H2O moisturizer. Out of all the things I picked up this trip, this set was probably one of my most used items. Oh, I should mention that it was $15 too! I really think this is a steal considering the price of each individual item.

The maracuja oil took me ages to figure out how to use it, only because they didn’t put any instructions on the mini bottle. But I just looked it up online and since, well, I love it! I find it super moisturising at night and then in the morning, I just was my face and it feels so soft!

The eye cream is equally good at night, when I tend to use it. However, it’s really annoying that the bottle is so tiny, it’s really hard to get it out without getting it under my nails so I have to do a weird flick thing. Either way I do really like how soft it is.

My favourite in this little collection however, is the Drink of H2O Moisturiser. I got a few little minis of this as well, so I’m well stocked up for a while. I use it every morning to make my face feel nice and fresh and moisturised and those horrible dry patches I used to get are all gone! I honestly love this one and actually my mum does too! I gave her one of my minis and she loved it so much that she ordered the full sized one all the way from America to England. Really can’t sell this one enough.

You may remember that I picked up a little mini version of the Deep Dive Cleansing Gel in my first set. I used it so much that I just fell in love, so naturally I had to pick up the full version. Though it’s far more expensive than I would usually spend on something as simple as a face wash, I knew that I had to get it. I use it every morning and every evening and I just love it so much.  My skin feels amazing after each wash. Also, how stunning is the packaging? It’s so beautiful and I know that there still so much left in the mini, so I’m going to use it as my ‘travel’ version for when I go home from university or away.

I also picked up the Tarte Fixxtick since I loved the cleansing face wash. Again, this was more expensive than I would usually spend on skin care, but I really think it’s worth it when you find something you really like. I also have a mini of this that was given to me as a sample, which I’m also going to use as my travel version. I just love how this stick is an exfoliant in one. Its so much neater and easier to pack. If you travel a lot I would highly recommend an exfoliant stick like this one.

One of the last few things I picked up was a full sized, and free mini, Tart Lip Quench. I love these little things. The packaging is stunning, and they are so nice on your lips. But just can we go back to the packaging. Just joking, I got given this free by the lovely girls in Sephora Disney Springs when they found I was from England and would be missing their products; how sweet is that? Honestly their so nice in there so make sure you go check them out if you’re ever in Orlando. I picked up my full sized in the colour cherry and I love the tint it gives you lips while keeping them moisturised and soft. They’re rather expensive at $17 a piece, but if I get the chance to go back and get more, I would definitely pick up a couple since their so nice.

I didn’t manage to get a close-up picture of it for some reason, but I also picked up the Rainforest of the Sea fine eye liner. I have always love eyeliner and simple cat eye flick, but I have never found an eyeliner that is fine enough. They’re always either too thick or too faded. This one however is perfect. The fineness that you can get with this brush is insane. I managed to draw an eye on my hand in the shop that was so minuet, ugh wow I just can’t explain. It’s amazing and easily one of my favourite make up items that Tarte offer.

My last product may just well be my favourite and I really, really love it. It’s the Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow palate Version III, and it’s just beautiful. The colours are all pretty nudes with a shimmery twist and I honestly use this most days. I just love the colours and the quality and I’m so pleased that I picked it up.

Well I suppose that’s my entire Tarte shopping haul. I know that Tarte is expensive and that I probably didn’t need this much, but I really got excited in Sephora, we don’t have them here in England. Anyway, thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you next time xx


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