My Disney Three.

Everyone here knows how much I love Disney. I don’t post about it very often, but I feel like my recent trip to Walt Disney World Florida gives me the perfect excuse to do so! If you were following our Instagram while I was away, then you may have already seen some of the places I went while I was away. Five days in this magical world was definitely not enough and if I could have stayed here for the full two weeks I would have. There are so many amazing rides that I can just do over and over, and so much amazing food I would have liked to try. I feel like I did so much in the fire days I had, but I still missed out on loads – maybe this calls for another trip soon? I can only dream for now.

But until then, here are a list of my top 3 things at Disney. Keep reading to see what my favourites were of this trip!

Top 3 Parks:

1. Animal Kingdom

If you were following our Instagram then you would have seen how amazing this park is. I loved all of the parks I went to, but Animal Kingdom was the one I actually changed my plans to revisit. The design of the new Pandora world or Mo’ara is incredible. I really don’t know how they do it, but it is insane. I couldn’t not take a thousand photos, which you can see in my previous post here.

This is just one of those parks with literally a bit of everything. It has a couple of amazing rides, Flight of Passage of course and Expedition Everest, as well as animals for younger kids and good food. I can’t explain to you how beautiful the evening light show is too. Truthfully, I almost cried. Disney are really good at this. They have this amazing ability to make you feel so appreciative and grateful for every moment. I just loved this park and I really want to go back.

2. Magic Kingdom

How can you not be a huge fan of Magic Kingdom, the best, the classic? Though it is only number two on my list, that’s only because there were certain things that I just loved about Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is amazing. It’s just got this aura of the happiest place on earth, doesn’t it? Its thumbing is amazing, the rides, though aren’t the most thrilling, are just perfect for everyone. Magic Kingdom just reminds me of my trips with my dad to Disney when I was really little.

I love all the little touches at Magic Kingdom, bits like Rapunzel’s Tower and Ariel’s Castle. And of course, you can’t forget the Magic Kingdom shows! Somehow on my trip I managed to miss every parade! But, I did get to see the Trolley Show on the first day, the Muppet Show and Happily Ever After. I am not ashamed to admit I cried at Happily Ever After. Like I say, there is just something about Disney that can do this to pretty much anyone.

3. Epcot:

Last time I came to America, I don’t really remember spending much time in Epcot. I don’t think it was something that my parents really enjoyed at the time. They are far more for the thrill thing, and Epcot is definitely not that much of a thrill park. But this trip I loved it so much! I love the idea that you can travel around the world without leaving the country. Seeing all the sites, getting those photos and trying all the amazing food. I just thought it was amazing!

For those that don’t know or aren’t fully aware, Epcot is park which is split into two sections; the World showcase and Future world. Future World does have a few good rides which I loved (although Mission Space was the weirdest feeling in the world and I’m still not sure about it), as well as Spaceship Earth (the big gold ball as my mother calls it). My favourite bit however, was the World Showcase. I just love the fact that they have shops stocked with goodies from the relevant countries and food too! It was the perfect place for a good, cheap dinner.

Top 3 Rides:

1. Avatar Flight of Passage

I went to Walt Disney World after spending hours looking up all the new rides and ‘must-do’ things to do at Disney. Avatar has huge significance to me as a film, so when I saw that they had created and Avatar world, I was so excited! Flight of Passage was one the rides I was most looking forward to going to. Unfortunately, I was unable to get fast-passes for it, but if you can I would highly recommend it. Though I did get lucky that the queues were below 50 minutes most times, a fast pass would have made the wait quite different! That being said, this ride is so worth the wait! There are not many rides in this world that I will say that a two-hour wait is worth a ten-minute ride, but this is one of the exceptions. It was amazing. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone planning on going, but all I will say is that it feels so very real. You can feel the banshee in a way that feels so real. It breaths and is warm. I can’t speak highly enough of this ride. I must have ridden on it almost ten times!

2. Space Mountain 

Space Mountain is a classic isn’t it! The Space Mountain in Paris is amazing, and I actually think it may even be better than the Florida one, but the Florida one is still amazing. In fact, I got super lucky to get fast passes for it once and the next time the wait was only 10-minutes! I love this ride. It’s fast, it’s thrilling and it’s so much fun! I really love the idea of you have a seat to yourself and zooming off alone. It’s much better if you’re traveling alone, but it still works if you’re in a group. I just love this ride. It’s really fun, and because its old it often doesn’t have a ridiculously long line.

3. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is just one of those rides that has been around forever, and I definitely remember doing it when I came when I was 11. And yet it is still one of my absolute favourites. I love backwards rides so much! I used to love this old ride in Thorpe Park called X: No Way Out, which went backwards the entire way until they changed it. Everest is similar except you don’t know it’s going to happen. It has this really good mixture of experience and thrill ride; it’s not hard to see why it’s a favourite amongst everyone.

Top 3 Treats:

1. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich 

Who doesn’t like ice cream? What about brownies or cookie? This was honestly one of my favourite snacks from my entire trip (yes its up there with red velvet Oreos!). One very hot day at Animal Kingdom I gave in and finally got myself an ice cream. At $5 is was quite pricy for the small size, but I’m so glad I got it in the end. I had been eying them for a while and thought they looked super cute. They taste even better! The biscuit is more of a brownie flavour and texture, its soft so it’s really easy to nibble on! It was easily one of my favourites, and I could have had thousands of these.

Mickey’s Cookies & Cream Sandwich: $5.00

2. Cheshire Cat Tail

I believe that the Cheshire Tails are new this year, and wow it was so good! It was so colourful with its icing and full of chocolate… It’s basically a chocolate twist with icing on top, but somehow ten-times better than a usual twist. I got this one day when I was running late for the transfer shuttle to grab some breakfast and though it was expensive in comparison with my free breakfast, I’m really glad I did. It’s just another element of the magic of Disney.

Cheshire Cat Tail – $4.99

3. Mickey Waffles and Cream

Every morning I got up and dressed, packed my bag for the day, brushed my teeth and headed down for breakfast at my hotel. I didn’t stay in a Disney Hotel, although really wish that I had, but the breakfast was still Disney theme. So every morning I started off my day with the usual Mickey Mouse waffle with whipped cream and orange juice. I know so healthy! But I was on holiday and had just spent 3 months lugging around 23kg bags, wrestling with huge horses and running after annoying children. Let’s just say I lost a lot of weight at camp, so a few waffles and cream weren’t going to break my waistband. So, I went for it. And they were so good! I can’t suggest a better way to start your day than a good ol’ mickey waffle.

Mickey Waffle – $5.79 or free at breakfast

Top 3 Dinners:

1. Epcot’s Chinese Pavilion

Yay! The food bit! Okay so I didn’t really eat too much at Disney, because I was trying to save some money; but whenever I did, for a treat of course, I made sure to go to Epcot. The food in Epcot is well known to most Disney visitors to be easily the best food you can get on site for a lower price. My particular favourite was the Chinese Pavilion where I got everything from the Duck Bao, which was amazing(!), to the Sweet and Sour Chicken (sooo good!). I really loved the food here and I really like how you can also get little samples. You could literally have an entire meal by walking around the world and trying something from everywhere.

Beijing Roasted Duck Bao Bun with Hoisin Sauce: $6.75

2. Epcots Japanese Pavillion

Similarly, to the Chinese section, the Japanese food Pavilion was a similar favourite. See one of my absolute favourite dishes is Sushi. I just really enjoy it, so I really enjoyed picking up some which I was in this section for Dinner one day. I had actually eaten a really big lunch that day, so I wanted something a bit lighter for dinner, so this was perfect. Again, they had the little stall outside which you can get something a bit special or you can go to the proper restaurant for some sit-down service.

3. Pinocchio Village Haus 

I stopped in at the Pinocchio Village Haus for some quick lunch on my second day in Disney, when I went to Magic Kingdom. Now the reason really that this in number three is the beautiful décor in this place! It was beautiful and really fit in well with the theming. Have I mentioned how amazing Disney is at the theming of their parks? Not enough no? Well my lunch of pasta was decent enough, it filled me up and though it was a bit more expensive than I had originally planned, it fuelled me enough to survive until after the fireworks. Even if you’re not looking to eat here, I would still look in so you can see how amazing it looks inside.


Thank you so much for reading guys. Have you ever been to Disney? What are you Top 3’s?



  1. November 30, 2018 / 18:18

    I list a little over an hour away from Disney and I’ve never made my way over to Animal Kingdom. whoops! Guess I’ll wait until my daughter gets old enough to really enjoy it.

    • lifeaccordingtous
      December 1, 2018 / 16:01

      Oh you must! Animal kingdom was by far my favourite! It just has a bit of everything. It’s got the rides, but also the animals and the safari can not be missed. Im sure your daughter will love it -H x

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