Day in a Life of a final-year University Student.

So somehow I’ve managed to make it to my final-year here at university. Goodness knows how I made it all the way here and honestly I’m a little bit in awe that I’m still working wards this goal that is now so easily in reach. Thats insane! Either way, I’ve been a third-year for almost a month now and I really feel like I’ve gotten into a good, production flow. So I thought I would share with you what my typical Monday looks like right now. I did a really similar post last year which you can check out here, but since this year requires so much more work and studying, I thought this may be a good way to show you guys what final year of university is like. Enjoy!

7-30am : Wake up

So, on a week day I always get up at 7-30am in the morning, or at least I try to. I’m not going to lie that its sometimes really hard to get up in the morning. I love being an early bird, but there are always those days where you want an extra half an hour. So even though I wake up at 7-30am I tend to stay in bed reading until 7-45am. Sometimes I even just flick through my phone, but I do like a little time to wake up before I get up.

7-45am : Up!

At 7-45am I get up. This means a shower and sometimes a hair wash. I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days, or as long as I can possibly leave it before my hair gets to gross to look at. It’s much better for your hair to wash it as little as you can right, so I try really hard to look after my hair well. Anyway, if you want to hear about my haircare routine let me know, but for now let’s focus on my next steps. I then tend to get dressed and dry my hair. Sometimes at this point I’ll straighten it and sometimes I’ll just tie it at the top of my head and hope for the best. It depends on my mood. Then it’s time to head downstairs to breakfast.

8-10am : Breakfast Time.

What mood I’m in hugely effects my breakfast. On this particular day I chose some Eggy-Bread, which is something that I used to make when I was really young. It’s really quick and easy, so I made myself some eggy-bread and by the time, I’ve eaten and washed up, I have time to run upstairs and brush my teeth before I leave.

8-30am : Walking to Campus

From where I live to campus, it generally takes around 20 minutes to walk there. Usually I call in at my friends on the way and we walk together, catching up on everything that happened over the weekend. If she’s not walking in that day, I tend to just put my headphones on and listen to some music on the way in.

9am : Library.

Once I’m on campus I head straight to the library, where I remain for about 2 hours. On a Monday my classes don’t start until 11, so I like to get some prep work done in the library while I have the opportunity. This Monday I worked on preparing for my Egyptian Mysteries lecture at 3pm, I sent in an application for a campus job and worked on some research for my dissertation.

11am-1pm : Near Eastern Mythology Seminar

At 11am I have my first class of the day, my Near Eastern Mythologies seminar. I love this seminar and always get over 3 pages work of notes, so I’m always pretty occupied in this time. We study the mythology of Sumerian and Akkadian Societies, a subject I’ve never looked at before, but it’s really good fun. The 2 hours always pass really quickly, so soon enough my time is up.

1-2pm : Meeting and Lunch. 

This week I had a brief meeting with my seminar leader after the seminar, just to catch up on a seminar that I missed at the beginning of the year while the timetables were being sorted out. This took up a large chunk of my usual hour off here, so I just finished up with him and headed down to the Mason Lounge for lunch. This week lunch was rice with chili and cheese, which I had with some friends. It was really good and just what I needed before my next class.

2-3pm : Love In Greek Literature

At 2pm, my friends and I have the same class, Love in Greek Literature. This is an hour-long lecture which to be honest is not the most exciting of classes, but it’s interesting, so we tend to just sit at the back and make our notes. After this lecture is done, most my friends head home, but I still have a few classes left.

3-4pm : Egyptian Mysteries

After Love in Greek Literature, I head over to the Strathcona building to my Egyptian Mysteries lecture. I really enjoy this lecture but, the lecturer is always just reading off the slides which I always prepare before. So, I never have much to do in this lecture. I listen and make extra notes if required, but most the time I work on emails or some reading while the class is going on.

4-5pm : Love In Greek Literature Seminar:

Once Egypt is done, I have to head over to the Arts building for 4pm, for my Love In Greek Literature seminar. I only have this seminar once every 2 weeks, but I really like the woman who runs it and the subjects so thought it makes my day really long, I don’t actually mind it too much. We just chat amongst ourselves giving our own opinions of the reading and the subjects, making notes as we go. It’s a really nice seminar because it’s so inclusive. Once it’s over, I can finally go home.

5pm: Walking Home

As soon as I’m done for the day I tend to head home. Sometimes it’s via the library to pick some things up on the way, but I don’t tend to stay on campus past if I don’t have too.

5-30 – 7pm : Dinner

Once I’m home, I like to wind down for a bit. I’ll chat with my flatmates and make dinner, tonight it was Chicken Curry and Rice (really yummy!) and then we all like to put on Friends and just chill a bit. Sometimes they all go up to work straight away but I like to have a bit of chill before I do.

7-10pm: Work

From 7pm onwards I work. I’ll work on absolutely anything that needs to be done. This evening I worked on a translation for my dissertation, got some reading for next week’s seminar done, caught up on some notes and did some reading for my dissertation. Whatever needs to be done will be done in this time. I like to finish work by at least 10pm at the latest. I’m really not big on working late in the evening, I find it really hard to concentrate, so I tend to do my reading work past 9pm.

10pm : Bed Time

By 10pm I like to have finished any work I was doing and get ready for bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face and get into my pyjamas before getting into bed. Sometimes if I’m not that tired I’ll put on some Netflix or Youtube, but sometimes like tonight, I feel so tired I just have to go straight to sleep. Then I start it all over again the next day, with some slight changes of course.

So that’s my general daily routine. I hope you enjoyed this post and please don’t forget to comment down below. I love reading all you have to say! xx



  1. November 18, 2018 / 21:08

    Oh wow 😮 I wish I was that committed getting up earlier then my lectures! You’re doing a great job so far and all the best with third year

    • lifeaccordingtous
      November 19, 2018 / 16:44

      Thank you! I’m really gunning for the high marks so Im just trying to work for it. I really do try to get up early, but it can be really hard some days. It works for me, but for some people it really doesn’t work. You just need to find a pattern that works for you 🙂 You’ve got this – H x

  2. December 18, 2018 / 20:40

    Wow! What degree are you doing? It sounds so ‘mysterious’ and cool. Anyways, well done for being so organised and waking up early etc. My day in a life as a masters student would be far more boring haha.
    Thanks for the exciting post!!
    Laura /

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