Are the Humanity Degrees worth it?

For so many, there seems to be this common stigma surrounding the idea of any degree bar the sciences. History, Art, Geography and so many others are classed as totally useless by so many. So, does that make the Humanities the totally pointless? Are humanity degrees worth nothing?

As someone currently not studying a science, engineering or business degree, I totally understand this. In fact, I actually get this a lot, especially when I first applied for my degree. But after three years, I can tell you how valuable this degree has been and will be for my future. Yes, if you study medicine all the way through, you are likely to find it easier to get a job in the field; there is just a bigger market for that kind of work and that’s kind of just how it is. But, that’s not to say it’s more valuable a degree!

The world always needs more doctors and engineers, but what about curators and classists?

Don’t let this change your mind. Going to university is a huge step for everyone and getting a degree is no small matter. What the degree you get is almost irrelevant! There are so many people I know that started off with a humanities degree, but then goes to do PHD’s and MA’s in Law, sciences and business. The humanities gave them the skill set and ability to go on to the bigger and greater stuff. That’s not to say however, that if you only do a humanity degree that you won’t be successful.

How many times have you been to a museum? What about watching films or reading books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter? Without people in the humanities industry, none of this would exist. The tales of the Greek gods? Nope. Rick Riordon himself was an English and History student, and then teacher. Anyone who calls the humanities irrelevant in society can’t be more wrong. They are in no way more or less relevant than any other degree.

Remember that humanities still teach you valuable lessons. Besides the usual skill set from any university degree of course. Learning from our world around us, our history and our mistakes are some of the most valuable lessons anyone can learn. As a classic’s student, I’ve learnt so much about the importance of different societies and their rich cultures. Abut above all, the humanities teach you how to be learn from what came before us. For me, the people from the world of antiquity have so much to teach us. Did you know that there was a time when people believed in multiply faiths at a time? That people accepted the existence of other faiths while worshipping their own? That they saw the value of good trade networks and friendships with other civilisations?

Knowing about all of this and learning from it is what will teach us. We can learn from mistakes of the past to better our own future. How could we do that without the humanities?

The world we live in now, is enriched by the humanities.

I am proud to be part of the humanities industry. I know that I would never be fulfilled as a salesman, engineer or doctor. It’s just not who I am. But if I spent the rest of my life translating Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph in a musty old museum, I would be the happiest person ever.

A degree should always, always, always be something that you love. You spend a lot of money studying at university. Make it worth your while. Broaden your knowledge on something you love, and if its medicine then study medicine, but if it is spending your days reading about Egyptian culture or the myths of the Greek and Roman gods in a musty old library; They do that! Do what you love, because this is what’s important. Remember, above all, this is YOUR life!


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