Winter Essentials 2018!

Winter has really hit hard here in the UK and I am really starting to feel it. My lips are starting to crack, my skin is feeling dry and I’m cold. All. The. Time. I was so cold that I actually had to order some new tops and jumpers because for some reason, no matter what I do at the moment, I can’t get warm. Anyway. I’ve really built up some staples in my years living alone that are must haves for this time of year. These are things that I really rely on this time of year.

Pyjamas and Dressing Gown

One of my favourite things to do, as soon as I get home, is to put on my pyjamas and my dressing gown. I love it. It just makes me feel super cosy and warm. My student house is freezing at the moment. We have a problem with the heating, so a warm dressing gown is definitely needed. My favourite is my Topshop Deer Dressing Gown which I got last February in the sale. Its super fluffy and warm to snuggle into. When I’m really cold I switch into my Black Cat Onesie, which I talked about in my last year essentials that you can read here. Usually though I just put on my Pyjamas. I have so many pairs of PJ’s now, thanks mostly to Primark and Hollister (super soft!!), but my go to at the moment are these adorable Disney Animator Pyjamas. They’re super soft and gentle, even if they aren’t the fluffiest. Plus, I’m really loving the Disney Animator range! Its super cute and I’m desperate for one of those cases!

A Good Book

Who doesn’t love sitting down on a cold winter evening with a book and cosy blanket? I know I do. After a stressful day at university, especially with the dreaded dissertation, I really do like to try and take an hour or so to just relax. At the moment I’m really enjoying Donna Tartt’s Secret History. It’s been on my to-read list ever since first year when it came up in one of my seminars and I’m so glad I finally got around to it. I find it super important to sit down and take some time for myself and to read something I want to, not just the material we’ve been told to. Some other classics of mine are; The Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and Twilight – still loving all those Young Adult Books!

Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

So this one is rather new for me. As a student living in rented student accommodation, I’m not allowed candles. I know! I really miss them, especially when it comes around to this time of year. Nothing really beat lighting a few candles, turning on the fairy lights and off the main lights and just getting cosy. But since I can’t do this I asked for a diffuser for my birthday. Mine is from a brand called Asakuki and its really pretty – you can get it here. It lights up different colours and I actually use it as a bedside lamp in the evening! It cast such a pretty glow around the room and when I turn on the diffuser, my room smells amazing. If you’ve been in Muji you’ll understand how amazing these things make your room smell. Their fantastic. And for me it was my best replacement for the candles. I’ve been testing so many different scents and I really like: Peppermint (been great for when I’m feeling stuffy), Lemon and Bergamot.

Hot Drinks!

As the cold comes around the best thing to combat it is a good old hot drink. I take them everywhere with me now, in my trust Thermos. Hot chocolate and herbal Tea are my two go-to’s for this time of year. There’s nothing better than sitting down in the library for a long study session and remembering that you have a hot chocolate in your bag waiting for you.

Hat, Gloves and Scarf

Surely the classical hat, gloves and scarfs are a given? No. Well they should be. I see so many people out there wandering around without hats and scarfs, let alone the gloves, and all I can think is “goodness they must be cold”. I can’t go anywhere in this freezing cold without at least my scarf. It’s a staple! If it’s really cold I put on the hat too and if it’s really, really cold, on go the gloves. Plus, I get really cold ears so a hat is really good to warm them up.

I must have had the same hat for a good couple of years now and I love it. It’s a really pretty sparkly Navy Blue Super Dry hat with a pom-pom that I got from my god-mother one Christmas. Its super warm and cute. Love it! Scarf wise, I have two that I use regularly. One was from Primark and the other is from Accessories and I just alternate whichever I’m using depending on my coat.


I mentioned before that my skin get super dry around this time of year. My skin is really good. I rarely get spots or blackheads, but I do in the winter get dryness – which is the total opposite of the oily t-zone I usually have. So, the key thing is lots and lots of moisturiser. I actually went into the Body Shop really recently and got a small sample of their Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream Lotion in a tiny little pot. And I really like it. I recently got the full version because I love it so much. It really helped the dry patches I’ve got. Plus the tiny size is perfect for my coat pocket. I also love my Tarte Drink of H2O, which I use every morning, but its running out now!


Unfortunately the cold weather always brings with it colds and running noses, so a pack of tissues is a must have for a coat pocket or backpack. I particularly like Kleenex, since its so soft, but any tissues do the job – or so to say.

Lip balm

Along with the dry skin comes the dry and chapped lips; so, lip balm or Chapstick is so important. I love the Blistex Lip Moisturiser; but when I was in America, I picked up a Chapstick Total Hydration in sweet peach, and I love it. It’s so hydrating on your lips. So far, I’ve avoided my usual dry and chapped lips. Fingers crossed it stays like that!

Sleep Set

Now this is a little bit more out there, but I always find that around winter it’s much harder for me to sleep. I don’t know if it’s the cold or what, but I just can’t sleep for love nor money. Plus, I have insomnia which is always ten-times worse in winter. So, for me it’s really important that I have some good sleep without having to take any of my tablets (prescribed by doctors of cause). This year I was gifted a love ‘Feather and Down’ Set which I actually find works for me! I love it!


So those are all the winter essentials I can think of. I’m sure there are more so if you can think of any, let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading. What are your Winter essentials? Do you have a set routine when you get home for winter?


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