Meet Jenny’s Dog: Jasper

It has been a while since I did a blog post as I have been trying to complete many essays for many deadlines but now that a few days gap I thought I would do a light hearted post about my dog. I love my dog he is one of a kind and never fails to cheer me up.

He is a male working chocolate cocker spaniel with accents of white on his chest and his paws and his name is Jasper. He is 8 years old going on 9 on in January and he is still full of energy. He is also very clever as he knows roughly at what time he gets fed and gets put to bed so will start pestering you at these times to let you know that its time to feed him and put him to bed. He also loves walks and every time they were mentioned whether in conversation he would start following you or jumping up at you so we had to start using code words for ‘walk’. We started spelling it out every time we said it but now he’s learnt what it means and gets excited so we will have to come up with something else now.

I have already mentioned that Jasper likes food but what kind of food does he like … everything! He will literally eat everything and anything! He is always scrounging wanting what you are eating no matter what it is. He normally gets a bowl of doggy food in the morning and evening and then a dente stick at lunch and thats it but the lucky dog will sometimes get some little scraps throughout the day especially if we have a roast dinner.


He has a few toys to play with although he never plays with them that often only when he is excited or having a mad moment which he has when dad gets him riled up. He starts running around the living room and the garden like a mad dog and grabbing toys and throwing them up into the air. It lasts for a few minutes but then he tires himself out and lays on his bed to calm down.

He loves to sleep on the sofa on top of the cushions as shown in the picture below of him sitting in one of his favourite spots on the sofa. He does also love his bed which is plastic with a variety of blankets and a big cushion in it to make it comfy. Jasper will also try and climb onto your lap and lay down even though he definitely isn’t a lap dog. It is really cute but annoying when you are trying to work and have a laptop on your lap and then all of a sudden its knocked out your hands because a dog now lays on your lap.

Another thing about Jasper is that he really doesn’t like being alone and really enjoys peoples company. For example, a couple of times it has just been me and him in the house and I have been working upstairs and he is downstairs on the sofa but after like five minutes of being alone downstairs he will come upstairs and jump up putting his paws on my lap telling me to come down and keep him company. No matter how many times I get him to go back downstairs he will just come back upstairs and do the same thing until eventually I give up and go downstairs with him.

He is such a gorgeous and very photogenic dog and I love him to bits. Although, to tell you the truth I did used to be scared of dogs although having Jasper has really helped me get over my fear of dogs and animals making me realise how cute and amazing they are. Dogs really are a mans best friend and really do enjoy your company.

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    • lifeaccordingtous
      December 1, 2018 / 12:26

      Thank you. He is so adorable but very mischievous! Cats are cute too but I have never had one. Yes they have such wonderful quirks. xx

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