Re-Organising my desk at University

During the Christmas holidays, I bought lots of new makeup products which I am very excited to use now I am back up at University. I also bought lots of new brushes, however, the issue I was facing was that at University I kept my makeup in a drawer in my bedside table which wasn’t enough space. So, after seeing my friend use her desk as a vanity unit, I decided to do the same and spent the first few days back at University transforming my desk into an organised vanity unit.

The drawer in my desk

Before I started to move across my makeup, the drawer that comes in the desk was so messy. There were random bits of paper everywhere along with blue-tac and wrapping up paper. So firstly I decided to take everything out and pile it up on the floor and then give the drawer a good scrub down with some anti-bacterial spray. I then went through the pile of stuff that I had in the drawer sorting it into two piles of stuff I wanted to keep and stuff I didn’t. I then decided that I would keep the majority of my makeup hidden away in the drawer just to make the top of the desk look cluttered so I took a copper cutlery tray that I had already got and put it in the shelf so when organising my makeup, I could put it into sections. I also grabbed a rose gold tin and put in the lid and tray to make some more organisational room for my makeup. I then put all my makeup from my bedside table into a bag and brought it over to the desk so I could then sort through it and organise it into different sections such as; foundation and concealers, lip products, eye products and powders. Then once I had sorted through all my makeup products and put them in my drawer, in the other half of the drawer, I put in all my stationary essentials for my University work so I can still use this desk for work. I am really pleased with the final result. It is still not exactly how I would like it as I would like to get another copper cutlery tray to match the other one I have in there but for now, I am happy with it. It is a lot more organised then it used it to be and finding my makeup is a lot easier.

I have split my makeup into sections (from left to right) such as; single highlights, bronzers and blushers, new sponges, lip products, foundations and concealers and then eye products.
Following on from the eye products, I then have eyelashes and more sponges before getting to my stationery products such as pens and pencils, sellotape, hole punch and my whiteboard pens.

The Top of my Desk

For the top of my desk, I wanted to keep it as clutter free as I could but still with some cute things on it to tie in with the theme of my bedroom and make it seem less bland. Originally on top of my desk, I had file holders with paperwork in and a copper basket with my stationary in along with a pen pot holder filled with felt tip pens and biros. Although it didn’t look cluttered. I wanted to add a makeup mirror and again make it more into a vanity unit and make it prettier. So firstly I decided to move my file holders to the end of the desk where there are some shelves so that they wouldn’t be on display. Next, I used the empty basket that had already been emptied of my stationary stuff (as it had been relocated to my drawer) and put in my makeup palettes so that I could display them in a presentable way. I also sorted through my makeup brushes as I had too many to fit into one pot so put all my face brushes into a big Ikea pot and my eye makeup brushes into a spectrum holder pot which has two spaces. I also bought a makeup mirror as since living in my studio, I have been sitting in front of my full-length mirror and doing my makeup and it has not been the comfiest so I was determined to get a smaller makeup mirror which I finally got. Originally I wanted a rose gold one to match my theme of white and copper but after going to TK Maxx, I found a really nice silver one for £9.99 and it actually fits in really well and breaks up my theme making it not to copper and white. I also at the last minute decided to just use a clear glass I had and put in my mascaras and setting spray as I couldn’t really find a place for these but I thought they looked cute like that.

On the left-hand side of my desk I have, the copper basket with my big palettes then my eye makeup brushes, the makeup mirror, my face makeup brushes and then finally a glass cup with my mascaras and setting spray in.

On the other side of my desk, I have a little copper mirrored tray that just has my favourite most used perfumes on along with the Tiffanys box for my necklace, a candle and a fake candle. The reason I have fake candles is that we aren’t allowed candles in the building where I am staying so I bought lots of fake ones but have the real one as I got it for my birthday. Anyway, I love the tray and once again that is a TK Maxx purchase. On the end of my desk, I just have my vase with a bunch of flowers in which were given to me by my boyfriend which I think nicely closes of my desk.

My favourite perfumes this year have been Calvin Klein Shock, Beyonce Heat, Hollister Pure Cali and Gilly Hicks Moonlit Blossoms

I am so happy with how my desk has turned out and as I have become really interested in experimenting with makeup, it is really nice to have space where I can do that.

The finished result of me re-organising my desk

Not only has re-organising my desk allowed me to achieve the workspace that I want for both my makeup and University, but it has also helped me become more motivated and ready for this year. I had so much junk stored up in my desk drawer and piling up on top of my desk that it was nice to just go through it all and clear out for 2019.

So, thank you for reading this blog post and for all your support over the past year and we hope you are as excited for 2019 as we are. Even if you don’t feel motivated yet, maybe a simple declutter and re-organisation is all you need!



  1. January 24, 2019 / 10:40

    A University bedroom can be so small and I would always reorganise my room to make it my own! Always struggled with keeping my desk tidy – when I’m stressed I make mess haha!

    • lifeaccordingtous
      January 24, 2019 / 10:47

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I am the same. Whenever I am stressed I find my desk piling up with random bits and bobs but I have found the dividers in my drawer really useful and having a big clear out helps as well. It just means that I now have lots of extra space and allocated space for everything meaning I am more likely to put things away rather than just lob them on the desk. I love re-organising as well! Thanks so much for the comment 🙂 x

  2. February 14, 2019 / 14:54

    This is so satisfying! I love seeing a tidy desk (mainly because my room is an absolute MESS!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Naomi xo

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