How to beat the January blues?

In my opinion, January is one of the most stressful months ever. Its the period after Christmas where everyone has to go back to work or school after having a really nice holiday with family and friends. For the whole month, people just appear to be on this low which they can’t get out of until February half term comes around. I myself struggle with January as well and I hate coming back to University and getting into the swing of things after a nice month off to lay in and do nothing. However, I have come up with a few suggestions as to how to beat the January blues which I feel could be beneficial and help some of you feel a bit more positive about the year ahead.

Find inspirational quotes

Firstly, I would recommend in the first few days of January, finding some inspirational quotes that keep you motivated and positive, printing them out and sticking them around your room. This is such a good way of keeping your mood elevated and inspired for the month of January and what lies ahead. I can’t tell you the amount of the times I have been feeling down but have then come across an inspirational quote and all of sudden I feel motivated to get out of a slump and strive towards my goals. This is so easy to do as well and barely takes any time so would highly recommend if you need a bit of encouragement every now and then.

Go for a walk

This might seem really weird and I know that its cold so this might take a bit more motivation to do then that others, but going for a walk in the fresh air always makes me feel so much better. Especially if you are a person who works from home or like me doesn’t get out much during the week, going for a walk is the perfect bit of me-time you may need in your week. It’s a great way of clearing your mind, filling your lungs with clean, crisp, fresh air and getting away from the house for a bit. Also, the world can look so pretty in January, especially when there is frost on the flowers and snow settled on the ground and appreciating this beauty that surrounds you is a great way to beat the January blues and appreciate the world. Plus, walking is a type of exercise which releases endorphins which are said to make you feel happier and more positive.

Have a good clear out

I always find that a good clear out helps me remain focused and motivated for the month ahead. I love to do a big clear out of all my stuff at the beginning of each year so that I can have a fresh start for the year ahead. It also helps to stay motivated and keep up productivity levels if your working space and living space are tidy. When my room gets messy I seem to lose motivation and can’t concentrate properly as its just a mess and things I may need, I can never find. This is why I try to organise everything and de-clutter my room during January so I can feel productive but more importantly have room for anything I may buy in the January sales.

Visit people

You may be feeling the January blues because you feel lonely especially after having spent Christmas with all your family, to suddenly being on your own. Every time I come back to University from Christmas I feel so lonely because I am so used to being with people every day that coming back to my studio makes me feel so alone. However, you can overcome this loneliness feeling by visiting people you know and catching up with your friends. I have a neighbour who I go and see daily because it makes me feel less lonely and I enjoy having a laugh amongst all the stress that January may bring. If you can’t go and see anyone then maybe just go to a coffee shop and do some work. Even though you might not be physically interacting with people, you will still be around people and this may beat being alone.

Have achievable goals

This one is quite important as in my opinion, goals help us to stay motivated and make us work hard as we strive to reach it. You may want to set yourself weekly goals or daily goals depending on what works best for you, but having something to aim for each week can definitely help you stay more motivated and work hard over the month of January. When you reach the goal you should reward yourself as this can help make you feel like January isn’t a pointless month as you yourself have achieved all the goals you set yourself. I am really bad at setting goals, but have really tried to change that and make weekly goals to try and help my mind focus on working hard and the feeling of accomplishment for when I get the job done.

These are just a few things I have found really help me stay positive and happy in the month of January. I’m not saying I love the month January because I still struggle with the after Christmas feeling, but by trying to help myself instead of lounge around all day moping, I have found that January has been a more enjoyable month this year.

I hope you have found these useful and if you have any tips for beating the January blues please leave us a comment we would love to hear from you.

Have a great rest of the month and I hope you didn’t have a good January the next month will be better.


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