What I can’t wait to do after university.

This year is the final year of university for me, and I’ve long decided that this really is my final year. I’m not going to go forward to higher university work, purely because I’ve got what I wanted from university and I’m totally ready for the real world. In preparation I’ve been thinking about all things I can’t actually wait to do once I have the time. So, I thought I would share them with you. Here is a list of 5 tings I can’t wait to do when I’ve finished university.


I’ve always loved reading and I really can’t wait to sit and read what I want to read and to do it for fun! I’ve read so many books recently purely because I’ve had to and I’ve really stopped enjoying them so much. I’ll definitely do a post at one point about the books I want to read but if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments below!

Learn a Language

Every single summer, I download Duolingo onto my phone and I sit and start learning a language. At school I wasn’t very good at them, but I find spending half an hour or so every day was really helping. I always get quite good, then uni starts and I stop practicing! I can’t wait to just spend some time 5 days a week working on a language. I really want to learn Portuguese as a lot of my family speaks it, but I’d love to try something like Russian or Japanese to!

Draw more

During my A-Levels I drew every single day and I really miss it! Since being at uni, I just never have the time for it, so I can’t wait to have evenings off so I can just sit and draw again. I still get so very excited every time I see an art shop and get this huge rug to draw. i can’t wait to spend my saturdays or an evening drawing after work!


I love to travel. That’s no secret on here. I’m always posting about all the places I want to go and all the things I want to do and see. Soon enough I’ll be able to do all of this. I have a proper old bucket list for these things as well, so I’ll just have to work my way down it! Top of my list is Euro-Disney and Italy again. I just can’t wait to start going to all these places.

Spending time with family.

While at university, I barely ever see my family. I see them at Christmas and in the summer, but I really, really miss them. I cant wat to be able to have a Sunday roast with my mum or bake a cake with my little brother. Family is so important and soon enough I’ll be around so much more for them.

What do you guys like doing in your spare time? I’d love to hear from you all about your favourite things and what your planning to do when you get some time. Thanks for reading guys x


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