Camp America: Overnight vrs. Daycamp.

It’s coming around to that time of year when people have started to interview for Camps in America. Since, I myself have already been through the process and have experience from the camps, I thought now would be a good time to advise you on choosing the best camp for you. I had a really eventful experience with my camp, and I also had the opportunity to do both, Day Camp and an Over Night Camp. So, I figured I would be able to offer you guys a little insight into my particular experience with both. If you want to read about my experience, you can read about it here, but now, let’s dive into it!

So how do you feel about sharing?

One of the biggest differences with a day camp and a night camp is rather simple. The kids will either stay the night or they won’t. In a day camp, the children will arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon. When I worked with the day camp, the children arrived at 8.30 and left around 5. For me this was perfect. I worked with them as a ‘general’ or a general councillor and I genuinely quite enjoyed it. I liked the fact that you had a set time when you were with the kid and then the evening to yourself. During this time, I was free do what I wanted from 5pm onwards completely, so I could literally leave when all my kids had been picked up.

On the flipside, you have the overnight camp. This is where the kids come, at the beginning of the summer and then it depends on your camp when they leave. Some camps board the children from Monday you Friday and some board them indefinitely, or until the end of summer. Mine had them the entire summer. Now I did find this a little much. I was a horse-back for these kids, as this was my main duty. This meant I wasn’t as hands on with them as a general would be, and I had a lot more time away from them than most other specialists, as I had four other ‘babies’ to look after; but I still managed to get bored of their company on occasion. They can be very, very intense. It does depend the age though and if you get the age you work best with it can be amazing.

In an overnight you will be sharing with the kids in a cabin. Now for us, we had 6 councillors for 10 kids, bearing in mind 3 of us were specialists (councillors who ran certain activities; life guards, horse-backs, ropes etc…). So, it was quite simply manageable. They were great kids and they only woke me once in the night. But I know with the younger kids this can be a regular issue. That and just speradict crying before bed or during the night about anything. Home sickness, thunder, theres-a-mouse-in-the-bunk kind of issues. Not one you have with day campers.

But, how about problem children?

Although with Day Camps, you are more likely to have ‘problem’ children. Now don’t get me wrong, we had some difficult children at the overnight camp, but in a day camp, you are more likely to have ‘really’ difficult kids. Lots of children that are sent to camp, are sent because they’re a handful and difficult to look after at home. And honestly, some of them really can be hard work. I did find the day camp children harder, especially the boys. But, then again, it’s down to the children you get. 

Another thing to note, that if you work for a day-camp, you will likely have both boys and girls. It does depend on the camp, but that is the way with most camps. However, if you work for an overnight camp you will only have girls or boys, depending on your own gender. I do find that it is mostly boys that can be difficult, but girls between 12-14 is something else! Honestly, that’s all personal preference. 

At the end of the day, it’s down to you.

To be honest, whether you want to do an overnight camp for a more immersive experience or just test the waters with a day camp, both experiences will be amazing. It will be hard work and you will get very tired very quickly, but it will be so worth it. 

Thank you, guys, so much for reading, I really hope that clears up the major difference between a day camp and a night camp. Both are equally good, and you do tend to be paid a little more for a night camp. But honestly, it’s down to your own preference. I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions please feel free to message me or comment down below.


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