5 Evening Activities for the Non-Traditional Student.

Somehow, through three-years here at university, I have managed to totally avoid the ‘traditional-student’ label. Throughout my time here, I have managed to avoid pretty much most things you’d associate with students. No drinking so much I black out, no sweaty-sticky night clubs and no major partying. I’ve always been the kind of person who preferred a quitter night in with my friends. I’m talking, movies and popcorn, meals out, games nights, house parties and sometimes just a trip out to the local desert shop. I know I’m not the only one out there that enjoy the less party animal lifestyle. Here’s a list of 5 things that I enjoy in my spare time, as a student.

Gaming and chilling with friends:

This may be a bit of a given, but it’s cheap, easy and honestly some of best memories you’ll make. I love finishing my work for the day only to just have to knock on my housemate’s door for a good few hours of chats, chill and games. One of my flatmates has a PS4, so one of the best ways for us to relax is just to sit together, chat and play games. If you don’t have any videogames, board games are honestly just as good. We play board games all the time. Monopoly, Catan and even DnD are some of our absolute favourites. We love to make a night of it, by playing music or a movie in the background, cracking out the cocktails, or mocktails in my case and having a good time!

Going to the Ballet:

I started going to the Ballet with my friends this Christmas when we went to The Nutcracker, and I really enjoyed it. Ever since I’ve been going as often as I can. The best thing is that the Birmingham Royal Ballet do something they call a student pass, which makes you eligible for £5 tickets in the front circle. How good is that deal! For 2 and a half hours of entertainment, I think that’s a really good price. Now I understand that its not to everyone’s taste, but personally I found it a really relax and fun way to spend an evening. Plus, it helps me feel really fancy, when I’m literally eating Raman soup out of a saucepan because my bowls are too small…

Going to the Movies:

Surely this should be a staple for everyone, whether you are a student or not. Going to the movies can be a really great way of spending the afternoon, especially here in England when it is raining and miserable 80% of the time in winter. I love going with some friends to the cinema and it can be really cheap too. One of the best ways we like to do it, is you use Meerkat Movies on Tuesday or Wednesday, when you get 2for1 movies. It saves money and is basically just a half price ticket. 

Visiting Creams:

Desert restaurants are the best. While some people love to go out to a club or to a bar, me and my friends love to go to Creams, or Cheeky Joes (our nearest desert shop). We much rather sitting and chatting with a giant sundae or a cookie dough platter, to going out and getting hammered. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. I have some friends who can go out and blow £50 on a night out. Creams costs me £10 at a max. I just love how chill it is and you can’t really beat just spending time with friends.

Fish and Chips and a movie:

This has become so popular in my friendship group that we now pretty much do this weekly. Every Thursday, give or take, we get together and wonder on down to the local fish and chips shop. It’s £3 for a mini fish and chips (which is actually huge!) and we make our way over to mine, as it has the biggest living room. A film goes on and we just chill, only really half watching and half laughing over something else. It’s a really fantastic and chill way to spend an evening.

There are a few of the ways in which I like to spend my evenings with my friends here at university. I hope that gives you some ideas f things you can do when you’re bored or looking for cheap way to spend an evening. Thanks for reading!


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  1. February 23, 2019 / 19:06

    Great post! I’m not the traditional-student type either, so these are very inspirational!

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