About Us

Hello, we are Hana and Jenny, two bloggers from England who are in their second year at university. During our time transitioning from school to university, we both felt like there was a lack of university/lifestyle blogs that could help us prepare for University life and how to meander through it. Now that we have both experienced the first year of university, through its ups and downs, we want to share our own experiences and advice through this blog, Life According To Us!
Life According To Us, we hope, will offer help to those of you who are at University and for those who have already embarked on the university life. We will be discussing all sorts of things from University guidance to travel, hauls and lifestyle. 

We hope that we can help you and if you have any questions or if you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

We would also just like to make it clear that everything we write about is our own opinion and we are not experts nor do we claim to know everything about life. We are just two second year university students who are hoping to help people through life and share their opinions.